Will the Mayan Kingdom Ever Be Whole

Will the Mayan Kingdom Ever Be Whole?

Sacniete, 36, was born in a village along the Mayan border with New Spain. Her family had lived in the town for nearly a hundred years, part of the culture in the area that stretched back almost 4,600 years. “We fled when the quadrocopters started flying in,” she says, “But most of my family, most…
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Johannes Morgen Thoughtful Big Think

Johannes Morgen Comes to Cascadia

If the story is believed, Johannes Morgen found his calling at just eleven. One morning in the German refugee camp he was living in with his mother, Mila, along the Dalmatian coast, a new group of refugees arrived. Some were severely injured escaping from French troops, and Johannes felt compelled to help. He couldn’t have…
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