What Really Happened to Jasper Taylor?

It was a dark and stormy night… We know how that sounds, but, in this case, it really was true. Cascadia was experiencing a tremendous electrical storm that combined the awesome power of a 100-year thunderstorm with a solar storm that disrupted power grids, electronic communications, and generally played havoc with any number of electrical…
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The Rise of the Baltic Sea Alliance - Big Think Magazine

The Rise of the Baltic Sea Alliance

The Beginning of the End? Mystics, prognosticators, and mythographers of all stripes have all claimed that the Empire of Australia is destined to be the world’s uncomparable power for an indeterminate period of time. These same eccentrics have often claimed that the power of the Empire derives from some secret source. Some have said witchcraft.…
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The Age of Paranoia - Big Think Magazine

The Age of Paranoia

When Farren Radler wakes up every morning he adjusts his tin-foil hat. “I toss and turn in my sleep. I haven’t gotten a good night’s rest in well… it’s been years,” he told me on a Sunday afternoon in his shuttered apartment, walls lined with tin foil, “But when I sleep I knock the tin-foil loose…
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The Last Crusade of Josephine Imre - Big Think Magazine

The Last Crusade of Josephine Imre

Josephine Imre is one of the most successful businesspeople on the planet. As the founder of Softlogic, she built a multi-billion sovereign technology conglomerate from the ground up. But even the wealthy and well-connected can have their lives destroyed by disease. So it was on March 27th, 2014 when Josephine Imre’s husband of 37 years,…
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Inside the World of President Joshua Romero - Big Think Magazine

Inside the World of President Joshua Romero

It may not be exactly what Thomas Jefferson had in mind, but that doesn’t bother four-term President Joshua Romero. “Tommy had a great big stick up his ass,” Romero tells me confidentially as he leans back in his chair sipping West Carolina whiskey, “I could absolutely have taken that guy. No problem. No question.” “You…
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Terror and Madness in the Jungle - Big Think Magazine

Terror and Madness in the Jungle

In the Beginning was Obsession It was an obsession for both of them. They had met in an interweb forum in 1993, a digital sitting room in which people with different passions and hobbies could meet electronically to be amongst their own. Many such rooms existed. There were rooms devoted to Prawns teams, to model…
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Julian Powder's Last Stand - Big Think Magazine

Julian Powder’s Last Stand

A Young Man With Big Dreams When he was seven years old, Julian Powder’s mother and father were sued for Gross Material Deception with regard to a land speculation deal they were arranging. They lost the case and were forced to work off debt for more than eleven years in the Gearst mines in the Great…
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Is Cascadia Ready for Reconciliation?

A few years ago when the newly-crowned Thirty-Third Empress of Australia announced the start of a new era of cooperation with the rest of the world many were sceptical. “We all know the story of the scorpion and the fox,” one nation’s leader was overheard saying. Since that time, Eleanor Thirty-Three has engaged with the…
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The Mad Sad Daughters of Victoria Kazmarazz

The Sad, Mad Daughters of Victoria Kazmarazz

None of them agreed to be photographed for this think piece. “Imagine living every day with a mother who looks younger than you do,” says Devorah Kazmarazz, the oldest of Victoria Kazmarazz’s three daughters, “Imagine what that does for your self-esteem as you approach middle age. Of course, I know that she’s got a surgeon…
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Will the Mayan Kingdom Ever Be Whole

Will the Mayan Kingdom Ever Be Whole?

Sacniete, 36, was born in a village along the Mayan border with New Spain. Her family had lived in the town for nearly a hundred years, part of the culture in the area that stretched back almost 4,600 years. “We fled when the quadrocopters started flying in,” she says, “But most of my family, most…
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